This is about YOU.

From the very beginning, communities have been ravaged by the ills of society. Though many forces drive through the heart of the people to divide us, extreme polarization has always been a key aggressor. Wars have started simply because there are two sides with differing opinions that feel the need to change each other rather than accept and appreciate their differences. 

And the madness continues. Humans are trapped in an endless loop of attempting to force their version of progress and principles upon others in the same way they had principles forced upon them. Everyone is principled and detractors are vermin.

We as humans have shown we cannot accept changes to a more inclusive world or those who want inclusion ostracizing those same people who cannot accept changes. Think about it; many of the people who fight for inclusion want to exclude those who exclude the inclusive. It’s a sick pattern of exclusive inclusiveness.

Within Church of The Fringe, we believe there are no sides, every entity can choose what they wish to be, free from the confines of human triviality. The true accept all; the inclusive, the exclusive, and those stricken by exclusive inclusiveness. Our members enjoy the inclusive exclusiveness we offer within our congregation. Additionally, we are not here to provide a specific belief system or structure. Our members bring forth their own beliefs and, through this, share ideas with each other to create an inclusive ecosystem devoid of exclusion unless the exclusive would rather not be included. It is up to each member.

Many religions promise you eternal salvation; that your soul can be saved from sin and consequences if you follow their system of beliefs. Church of The Fringe leans more to internal salvation. Any form of redemption you find in this dimension or the next is inside each of you. The universe wants you to be true to yourself. You shouldn’t be beholden to any person or organization when emancipating yourself from the strictures of societal ills. 

Finding internal salvation takes you on a journey that involves sensory stimulation, where you may feel an array of beautiful colors, see the sound of an elegant symphony, taste the mist of cold mountain air, hear the exquisite texture of sweet nectar, or smell the magnificence of the wondrous universe around you. Everyone’s journey is different.

Not only is the Church of The Fringe the most inclusively exclusive religious organization, including people of all denominations, races, genders, pronouns, and beliefs, but we also solemnize all of our members. There is no hierarchy. All members are ordained to perform ceremonies that best represents the spirit and values of the church. With that said, there is not one way to oversee a ceremony or a rite. There are many ways to touch those around you with the anointed privilege you receive as a member of this growing congregation. Church of The Fringe is a celebration of life! And so are you! Pass that one to those you love and cherish.