Society has seen waves of Great Awakenings in the past. Rationalism saw a sharp decline in favor of religious extremism. With that, it’s obvious that a new Great Awakening is upon us. Wake up!

The populace is now oversaturated with zealots thumping their belief systems to any soul that will listen. Nonsensical ramblings devoid of any sort of enlightened thought dominate human discourse. And worse, everyone has a forum to broadcast their misinformed messages. Hence forth, we are infested with dangerous material that compromise our sensibilities.

So how do we put a stop to such perilous absurdities? We rise!

STEP 1: We approach these fanatics with open arms and gain their trust by agreeing that their belief system has merit, regardless how illiterate their message may be.

STEP 2: We reference a simpler time, before they had such extremist views and determine what triggered such a radical mind frame.

STEP 3: We explain that this triggered event only happened in one dimension. It was merely a tiny speck in a much larger Universe.

STEP 4: We explain a multi-dimensional existence as a path to Enlightenment. Their reality is simply a perception their unevolved minds have been projecting.

STEP 5: We start the process of taking them on a path to a multi-dimensional by exposing them to the tenets of Church of the Fringe.

STEP 6: We show them the inclusive exclusiveness they’ve been longing for as a way for them to find internal salvation. Deep down these lost sheep are looking for their shepherd.

STEP 7: They embark on their journey and spread the word to others who may also have lost their way.

STEP 8: Rinse and repeat

At that, my friends, is how you take small, manageable steps in order to stop a modern-day Great Awakening. A wall of protection will not be built overnight. Each day you must place down one brick with perfect precision. Do not think about building a wall, but in due time a wall will be built through determination and perseverance.