The Coalescence Technique is a technique used for member of Church of The Fringe to unite together into one form of mass. This “community” has allowed The Church to move forward as a powerful entity. The Coalescence Technique is as follows:

Stand in a triangle with your eyes closed

*Breathe in* Think about a traumatic experience in your life

*Breathe out* Think about how you overcame that experience

*Breathe in* Think about a dimension to where you’d like to travel

*Breathe out* Think about how you will get to that dimension

*Breathe in* Think about how you will reach Enlightenment

*Breathe out* Think about what you will do with Enlightenment

Repeat this exercise for one minute

Stand in a line with your eyes open, stretch your arms above your head and point to the sky

*Look up* Think about how small you are in the Universe

*Look down* Think about how large of an impact you have

*Look up* Observe the majesty of this Universe

*Look down* Recognize the Power of The Fringe

Repeat this exercise for one minute

Do you feel one with your brethren? Continue practicing this technique and you will!