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The Realignment Papers

In the year 2012, CERN discovered what they named the Higgs Boson, a particle that Stephen Hawking warned could destroy the known universe as we knew it. The theory goes that the world actually was destroyed in 2012 by CERN and we have been living in an alternate dimension that was replicated by Earth as […]


Members of Church of The Fringe come from all backgrounds, typically searching for similar things and sharing a multitude of commonalities. Regardless of dimension, its members strive to be on the outside looking in. The vantage point from the outside is much more enlightening and, ironically, stable than being on the inside.  Some members have […]


Church of The Fringe started off as a handshake agreement in 1993 between two like-minded beings (notice pronouns nor genders have not been referenced) who felt that the ills of society had become a disease; but not incurable! The first public mention of the Church was communicated in Usenet groups for both religion and fringe […]

Mission Statement

This is about YOU. From the very beginning, communities have been ravaged by the ills of society. Though many forces drive through the heart of the people to divide us, extreme polarization has always been a key aggressor. Wars have started simply because there are two sides with differing opinions that feel the need to […]