In the year 2012, CERN discovered what they named the Higgs Boson, a particle that Stephen Hawking warned could destroy the known universe as we knew it. The theory goes that the world actually was destroyed in 2012 by CERN and we have been living in an alternate dimension that was replicated by Earth as a measure of self-preservation. With that destruction came many errors into our known universe, and with them, a single light in the darkness. A blueprint to forge a path forward towards building up what was lost. The Realignment Papers.  

The Realignment Papers are thought to be part of the self-preservation think tank initiative established to combat CERN in case destruction of the world were needlessly done by maniacs drunk on power with a need to tinker with unknown realities and dualities of the human consciousness and spirit as aligned with the gravitational orbit of the catalogued frequencies used to harmonize multi-dimensional particles. These Papers bring a natural spiritual guidance towards not only righting the wrongs of the past but creating a future free of the judgement of man and need for conquering virus qualities.

While the contents of the Papers have been sealed by Protectors of the Sabotage, they are unable to destroy the Papers as they are were not actually of this alternate Earth, existing in reality on far different frequencies in their final form. Retrieving the Papers has proved nearly impossible thus far. Perhaps with the help of the New we can finally overcome the burdens of the past and together achieve the knowledge to unlock the hidden secrets within. Until then we focus our energies on positive wardmanship, enforcing the proper lively signature of life for all to come.