Church of The Fringe started off as a handshake agreement in 1993 between two like-minded beings (notice pronouns nor genders have not been referenced) who felt that the ills of society had become a disease; but not incurable! The first public mention of the Church was communicated in Usenet groups for both religion and fringe theories. The focus during those early days, that still rings true today, was to create a haven for those humans that yearn for humanism. People who care for the populace. Spirits who crave spirituality. It was more than a church; it was a lifestyle for those who cherish living.

Church of The Fringe was created on October 1st when its two founders both coincidentally stumbled upon the same text called “Contemporary Compositions in an Uncontemporary World” in a Usenet group. This text defined a path to enlightenment under the authorship of “Labyrinth Suzerain”, which, to this day, no one has taken credit for. The text was vague and erratic, but it allowed the founders to come together and build upon it. This text has since been lost, but Church of the Fringe has not been. It is very much here to stay.

However, around 1997, Church of The Fringe went underground for a time being. It avoided the overexposure of its tenets due to the Internet boom of that year. However, the Church discovered a resurgence in popularity that some say is due to the spiritual awakening seen and experienced around the world due to tranquil meditative states, revealing visits to parallel dimensions at a heightened rate to a general public in search of the truth about the world.