This new world is exciting!

I bet you didn’t think that would be the first sentence you would read, right? Everyone is so uncertain and scared, panicking over how the world seemingly changed overnight. However, there are a growing number of humans that are not only at peace, but flourishing in this world.

How is that possible? The world is reeling from the Coronavirus, Covid-19 has changed our lives forever and there seems to be no way back to what once was.

With a strong spiritual center built on the knowledge of your existing 12 dimensional reality, you realize nothing has truly changed except a new awakening of energy across the senses. All of the perceived changes on a superficial level are exciting to engage with and alter with ease, because you know the true potential of your control in the spiritual realm. This new world is exciting!

Let the calmness take over. Enjoy watching nature respond to the dwindling of technological advancement in favor of spiritual reflection on a deeply personal level. Notice so many people walking, waving, smiling. More people are actually at peace, in a world where they can just live instead of fighting to live. No more long drives on the freeway to get to a destination you dread. More time with loved ones! Jigsaw puzzles are sold out everywhere. Jigsaw puzzles haven’t been in demand since the 1980s. This new world is exciting!

Your perspective is always your center, your guiding light towards a better life. Alter your dimensional travel to reflect a more inclusive sense of self that can share energy freely without feeling tethered to a life that is built on the past. Today we live for now. Smile as you accept this reboot of your journey into the forever.

This new world is exciting! Let’s go exploring.