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Fringeist Prayer

We shall welcome the virtues of The Fringe as a path to unlock our hidden talents  We shall display inclusion to those who want to learn more about The Fringe and its capabilities   We shall shield ourselves from the ills of society through protection of the Outer Circle        We shall expand our minds with True […]

The Sacred Text

In 1993, the two founders of Church of The Fringe stumbled upon text in a Usenet group entitled “Contemporary Compositions in an Uncontemporary World”. This text was authored by “Labyrinth Suzerain”. It defined a path to Enlightenment that became the foundation of Church of The Fringe. Labyrinth Suzerain has never been identified and the text […]

Peace Force

In order to retrieve the Realignment Papers, a Peace Force must be established, trained, and unleashed. This Peace Force must go forward with courage and determination through multi-dimensional travel in order to achieve its objective. This mission is not for the faint of heart. It is for the bold, the brave, and, most importantly, the […]

Symbols and Rituals

The everlasting symbol of Church of The Fringe is the multi-layered circle with “FRINGE” transcribed across. This symbol is known as Memodecruit. The circles represent the three layers of life forms; those nestled in the inner circle and middle circles, along with the outliers on the fringe. The inner circle, known as Quident, represents those […]