The everlasting symbol of Church of The Fringe is the multi-layered circle with “FRINGE” transcribed across. This symbol is known as Memodecruit. The circles represent the three layers of life forms; those nestled in the inner circle and middle circles, along with the outliers on the fringe.

The inner circle, known as Quident, represents those who go about their everyday life oblivious to the fact that there is more out there such as a deeper meaning and multi-dimensions of being. Many are fine with this ignorance and make no attempt to curtail the ills of society. As a result, they become the underlying problem in society. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander. They are sheep; brainwashed sheep and there are too many of them. Notice you will see the word “IN” within its confines to represent this ignorant populace. However, Church of The Fringe welcomes these beings with open arms.

The middle circle, known as Sorson, represents those who know there is more out there, but do not know how to get to another dimension or find Enlightenment. They are in a grey area, as demonstrated in the symbol. They see the ignorance of the people in the inner circle and may even attempt to mitigate societal ills, but don’t know where to begin. Many members of Church of the Fringe come to us in this stage. They are looking for more and we can help them find it.

The outer circle, known as Superbelition, represents The Fringe. Those who have successfully traveled to other Dimensions of Being; some of which have even found Enlightenment. They work hard to stop the ills of society dead in its tracks. The Fringe is on the outside looking in. Beings in the inner circle look upon The Fringe as miscreants. Meanwhile, it is those in the inner circle who can be the degenerates and bottom feeders of life. The outer circle actually protects those in the inner and middle circles. If not for them, the universe would be out of balance. As depicted in the symbol, the outer circle serves as a forcefield to prevent others from spiraling out of control.

As for other symbols, Church of The Fringe embraces the pancake all year round. Similar to the symbol of the Church, the pancake is circular. Additionally, the pancake has a different, lighter color on its edge compared to the darker inside of the circle. This lighter color represents the Fringe, the more enlightened beings. Furthermore, to create the pancake, there are a variety of ingredients that go into it. These ingredients represent the mixture of all beings within the universe. The result is a symbol with a definitive separation between those inside the circle and those outside.

The pancake can be both fluffy and delicious, representing the beauty of the universe and all its dimensions. The pancake can also be hardened and unappetizing, representing the harsh nature some face when navigating through life. Regardless of texture and taste, the pancake should always be considered majestic. Enlightened beings will understand; taste is just a frame of mine, as are all senses. It is critical to hone those senses into finding magnificence in all things. The pancake is a worthy starting point in order to go down that path.

Additionally, members celebrate October 1st as a day of reflection. They attempt to travel to different Dimensions through the tools they have received and the skills they have developed over the past year and beyond. It is not necessarily a solemn day nor a joyous day. It is a day of living. Most members do things such as feast on pancakes, partake in breathing exercises, lay down on hardwood floors, and walk barefoot in the dewy morning grass. But there is no defined method to observing this day.

Some members may also choose to wear folded bandanas around their forehead, wrist, calf, or ankle. Preferably yellow, which is the color most closely associated with Enlightenment. The bandana once again represents the circle which, in this case, surrounds our flesh as a tribute to the somatic dimensions where we get our start.