Fringist Order Of Multi-Dimensional Gravitational Alignment, or FOOMGA, is the sacred order within Church of the Fringe. It allows Fringists an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with each other. It strengthens the Church’s foundation allowing for a tranquil environment. FOOMGA does not necessarily practice any rituals other than collaboration, but if positive routines do arise from this collaboration, Church of the Fringe may endorse them with open arms.

FOOMGA does not provide any written archive either. The Order provides a living and breathing “document”. We don’t live inside a bubble. The precepts of FOOMGA are always changing as the Universe evolves (or devolves). In a way, it is a bit of a paradox to call it an Order since there isn’t any true system in place. But Church of the Fringe likes to believe even where there is little structure, inconsistency, or even chaos, there is still some order to be found in each. And that, my friends, is what is known as balance. Can you find it?