Fringism isn’t just a belief system, it is a frame of mind. Access your imagination, connect with your subconscious, and unravel your preconceived perceptions about the Universe. To be a Fringist, you must be willing to absorb information from all sides and reconcile the Truth with your being. Discovering the Truth will not be easy but, if you are a true Fringist, it will be worth the journey. Members who have done this have found perfect harmony even in a dissonant Universe.

Fringism is not something forced upon you as a member of Church of the Fringe. Quite the opposite; you have to want it bad. This is what is known as advanced membership. It is a constant battle between discord and conformity. But you will not go on this pilgrimage alone. Church of the Fringe will give you the necessary tools to allow the virtues of Fringism to be a daily part of your existence. But it all starts with acknowledgement.

In due time, you will experience the exquisite pleasure of multi-dimensionality coursing through your veins. Everyone’s learning curve is different. No two journeys are the same. But the tenets of Fringism will bring us all closer together as we travel to the deepest reaches of the Universe and back.

Are you ready to become a Fringist? Why don’t you come and find out!