In order to retrieve the Realignment Papers, a Peace Force must be established, trained, and unleashed. This Peace Force must go forward with courage and determination through multi-dimensional travel in order to achieve its objective. This mission is not for the faint of heart. It is for the bold, the brave, and, most importantly, the Enlightened.

I) Establish the Peace Force – This Peace Force will only include members of FOOMGA. Those who have attained the status of FOOMGA membership have proven their value by earning the necessary certification to quality. However, not all members of FOOMGA will attain inclusion to the Peace Force. This is for the most Enlightened members; the ones who have attained multi-dimensional existence and have shown necessary leadership qualities to handle the toughest of situations.

II) Train the Peace Force – Members of the Peace Force must be trained in the art of mental serenity. It is through this serenity that will allow our minds to go to great lengths to handle the most difficult of retrieval tasks. Training includes, but is not limited to, breathing exercises that transcend gravity, visualization drills that allow you to see cosmic vibrations, and lessons on sleep deprivation in nonlinear time.

III)       Unleash the Peace Force – Using the skills mastered in training, the Peace Force will come together as a finely tuned machine. The sum is greater than its parts. The Realignment Papers are not tangible documents; that is the misconception and the reason for failure in their retrieval thus far. The Realignment Papers come from inside each if us. They are “documents” that either keep us in alignment or do not. Their existence must be envisioned through all dimensions as the entities that provide balance in all Beings. Retrieval will come in the form of finding the balance that holds us all together…. or rips us all apart.

Do you have the passion and capability to help us on this very important mission? We need your help.