Imagine the sounds of a stream of water. Reassuring. Gentle. Constant. But in that same moment, that stream is something else as well. Strong. Swift. Roaring. One can take on many shapes and sizes, but the Art of Mental Serenity is always the same.

Crafting your tool is a very important aspect of this Art. Your tool is special to you and only you. You must be aware of its ability to harness the power of your chakra, to fluff your aura, and to expand your senses beyond normal range. Choosing the right tool can be a matter of peace or rage.

Once you have found a tool that speaks in the right harmonic frequencies, you will know its color almost immediately. If you do not, dear not fret, for in time the tool will tell you what is needed to bind your color wheel within.

Mastering the Art of Serenity, aided by your tool will bring you one step closer to becoming whole within the Church of the Fringe.